Remote Infrastructure Management Solutions

Remote Infrastructure Management Solutions (RIMS)

A 24X7 availability is the new normal for most businesses today. Smart businesses are looking for economical yet scalable models of infrastructure support services that provide improved ROI and unbeatable delivery quality. Global network operation centers (NOCs) are the cornerstone of our service delivery architecture[MK1]  and showcase our uncompromising standards of full redundancy, high availability and security. Check out our complete range of remote of infrastructure management services that help our customers cut costs and improve service quality.

Key Capabilities

Remote Monitoring Service

VN’s remote monitoring service sends automatic notifications to customers or designated service provider when events pre-defined by the customer are detected. You can rely on our remote monitoring service to achieve maximum performance, enhanced service levels and instantly reduced downtime.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Today’s businesses need a remote infrastructure management solution that goes beyond the standard 24X7 monitoring – today they need proactive problem identification and instant resolution. That’s where built-in root cause analysis helps us identify and efficiently resolve potential issues even before performance is affected. Our Remote Infrastructure Management solution helps do just that and drastically cut down problem resolution time and also improve system availability.

Remote Operations

VN’s Remote Operations Service perfectly combines remote infrastructure management capabilities with service level management to deliver the quality of service your customer demands. Our Remote Operations solution automates the entire process of IT infrastructure administration, including patch management.

Remote Service Desk

From managing calls to tracking requests to problem ticket management, our Remote Service Desk will do all that is needed of a service desk and more , 24X7.